Spring Allergies – How to Manage Them

Spring Allergies – How to Manage Them
March 3, 2020 m_scully

Spring Allergies – How to Manage Them

By Marshall Medical Center


Tis the season for pollen, grass, mold and other allergens to rear their ugly heads. And along with them come sneezing, itchy eyes and sometimes more severe symptoms. Here are a few tips from Marshall Medical Center on how to keep those symptoms at bay for you and your children:

  1. Keep the nose clean – consider purchasing a neti pot for nasal irrigation. It can take some adjustment, but daily use will rinse the allergens from your nose and relieve symptoms.
  2. Manage stress – stress hormones wreak havoc on the body, making allergies even worse.
  3. Acupuncture – treating allergies with acupuncture can both relieve acute symptoms and treat the underlying cause.
  4. Try herbs – butterbur works like an antihistamine while quercetin has been shown to block the release of histamines.
  5. Good ol’ apple cider vinegar – it can boost the immune system, break up mucus and support lymphatic drainage.
  6. Detox – the more toxins in the body, the worse the allergies. Detoxing by eliminating fried foods, sugar, alcohol and other toxins from your diet will keep your liver in tip top shape to minimize flare ups.
  7. Probiotics – adding beneficial bacteria to your body has been shown to reduce incidence of allergies.
  8. Essential oils – diffuse a combination of lavender, lemon and peppermint oils while you sleep.




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