Sierra Moms Activities

Sierra Moms has many activity groups, children’s playgroups, seasonal parties, coffee times and community service functions are designed to give members the opportunity to gain support, establish friendships, share information, experience and knowledge, while fostering a sense of community.

A few of our member groups are listed below:

Community Events
This online calendar in our members forum enables members to keep abreast of all the family activities in and around the area.
Lets Explore
This group meets monthly to explore nature or a local place of interest from museums to fire department tours.
Sierra Moms has a variety of playgroups depending upon the age of the children. Playgroups meet weekly, usually at members’ houses or local parks or places of interest. FAQ
Movie Group
The movie group meets approximately monthly for a mom’s night out at the movies.
Sunshine Meals
We offer help to those ladies who are expecting or other families that have a need whatever the setback/addition might be with meals. Learn More
Senior Friends
Families visit a local retirement home monthly to cheer up the elderly while teaching our kids about kindness and community service.
Book Group
The reading group decides on a book to read and meets monthly to socialize and discuss the current selection.
Cooking Club
Members share and enjoy delicious recipes from other moms.

As Sierra Moms is member-led, the groups available change over time, depending on the interests of current members. Some additional activity groups Sierra Moms has had in the past that are not currently active include:

  • Fitness Group/Stroller Walks Group
  • Bunko Group/Moms Game Night
  • Dads Group (“Sierra Dads”)
  • Couples Social Group
  • Babysitting co-op
  • Mom’s Night Out
  • Scrapbooking Group
  • Working Moms Social Group
  • Mom’s Morning Out (weekly social group for moms whose kids are in school)

If you are interested in reviving an inactive/discontinued group or starting a new activity group, please contact the Director of Member Activities.