Big Tent Tutorials

Big Tent Tutorials

At one time, to find out what events were going on each month, you would have to wait for your paper copy of the Crier to arrive in the mailbox. Playgroups would have to decide an entire month in advance who was hosting each week so it could be posted in the newsletter.

But with the benefit of technology available today, you can download a customized calendar of all the upcoming events for the groups you belong to, receive email updates when a playgroup meeting needs to be rescheduled because the host is ill, and ask questions to other Sierra Moms members even outside of General Meetings and events.

To do all this, we use an external website called BigTent, which is sort of like Yahoo Groups, except with subgroups and calendars and other features. This section of our website has some tutorials to help members get started with some of the most important things they may want to know how to do on BigTent.

Additional help for BigTent can be found on Big Tent’s Help Section, or by contacting our current Big Tent Coordinator found on the About Sierra Moms page on BigTent.

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