Leaving A Subgroup

Big Tent Tutorials: Leaving A Subgroup

At some point you may realize you want to leave a subgroup you’ve joined. This is easy to do if you know how:

  1. Log in to BigTent.
  2. Navigate to “my bigtent” and then “settings”.
  3. Click on the “membership info” tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. Look through the list of subgroups shown, and find the one you want to leave. Click “leave group”. You also have the option to put a “vacation hold” on your membership to any subgroup click “suspend membership” instead.
  5. The screen will dim and a confirmation window appears. Click “leave group” to confirm your selection. If “null” is shown in the confirmation dialog where the subgroup name should be, this discrepancy can be safely ignored; it is a bug in BigTent.
  6. The page reloads with a confirmation message at the top that you’ve left the subgroup.