Posting to Forums on BigTent

Big Tent Tutorials: BigTent Forums

Forums are a place for you to communicate with other members of Sierra Moms. You can post a message to the forum for just your playgroup or activity group, or you can post a message to the “general” forum for all Sierra Moms members (however, if you have a trial membership, you cannot post to the general forum).

Forums can be found under the “forums” tab on the Sierra Moms page or a subgroup’s page on BigTent:

If the top of the screen has a subgroup name on it, then you are viewing a forum that only those subgroup members can see, otherwise you are probably on the general forum.

You can post to forums either by clicking the “start a topic” link on forum page or by email.

To post to a forum by email, you need the forum’s email address (each subgroup and the general forum will have a different address). Look for the “Email a topic” link on the forum page (see image above). When you click it, the email address to post to the forum will be shown in a pop up. Simply address an email to that address to post to that forum by email in the future. Your email must be “from” the same email address associated with your BigTent account in order to post by email.