Rain Cloud Mobile

Rain Cloud Mobile
March 26, 2019 m_scully

Rain Cloud Mobile by Kelly Howell

Kids are always wanting to do what adults do. They also love to use the same tools as mom and dad! Often we say no or give them “their size” tools to work with, but as many parents know that never satisfies their curiosity. 

I work from home and I am often using the stapler and packaging materials like bubble wrap. My son constantly asks if he can staple my papers and use the bubble wrap to pack something. Sometimes I let him help me, other times I come up with a craft. The craft featured here incorporates all of those things and the supplies can be found around the house. It’s inspired by our most recent bouts of rain. I call it the rain cloud mobile.

Rain Cloud Mobile

Supplies you’ll need (and hopefully already have):

  • old bubble wrap
  • paint (blue and gray and washable)
  • paper (three sheets of white paper)
  • wool or string
  • contrasting paper or pens
  • stapler
  • old plastic bags for stuffing
  • clear scotch tape

There are parts of this craft that you’ll have to help with, but it’s a great time to bond with your little one. 

1. Paint First

Cut a piece of bubble wrap the same size as your paper. Lay the bubble wrap down (bubble side up) and paint it gray. Have your child pick it up and put it on the paper. You’ll want to make two pieces of paper gray. While that’s drying cut another piece of bubble wrap (or wash the first) and paint it blue. Take the blue bubble wrap and put it on the third sheet of paper.

2. Cut Out the Clouds and Rain Drops

Mom, take the two gray painted sheets of paper with the unpainted side matching the other unpainted side and stack them together. Then cut out a cloud shape so that the two sides match. 

Draw large raindrops on the blue paper. Have your child cut out the raindrops (if they can). 

3. Draw a Face

Have your child draw a face on the cloud with two eyes and a mouth.

4. Staple and Stuff

Teach your child about how a stapler works and help them staple around the edges of the clouds. Make sure to leave the bottom part open. Have your child gently stuff the cloud with plastic bags. Once stuffed finish stapling the bottom of the cloud together.

5. Tape the String and Rain Drops

Tape four pieces of string on the bottom of the cloud. Then tape your raindrops to the string. The taping part can be easily done by your child. Next tape one more piece of string on the top of the cloud.

All done! Now you can hang your wonderful cloud proudly. We hope you had fun with this rain inspired craft! Stay tuned for more crafts from Sierra Moms!


written by Kelly Howell, Blog Contributing Editor


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