Annual Events

Seasonal Parties & Special Events

In addition to the wide variety of weekly and monthly activities Sierra Moms has to offer, we also have a variety of seasonal and special events available for members and their families. Some events, such as our annual Children’s Activity and Preschool Expo are also open to the public.

Seasonal and special events include:

  • Children’s Activity and Preschool Expo (CAPE)
  • Spring Party (“Spring Fling”)
  • Summer Party (“Summer Splash Party”)
  • Fall Party (“Harvest Party”)
  • Winter Party
  • Children’s clothing and gear swaps (twice a year)

Sierra Moms also participates in philanthropic events, including: 

Upcoming Events

Members can see additional events & details by logging into BigTent and viewing their Personalized Event Calendar or the Sierra Moms Event Calendar. Members who join the Community Events subgroup will also see additional fun family & children’s events happening in our area on the Community Events Calendar.