Gifts From The Heart Program

The Gifts from the Heart Program is an annual event that Sierra Moms has been participating in since 2004 as a Community Partner. This program, run by the Sacramento County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), provides thousands of gifts to children and youth in the Child Protective Services Division, who have been identified by their social workers because they might not otherwise receive anything during the holidays.

This is a wonderful opportunity to teach your children compassion and empathy. There are typically more than 1,000 children in the program each year, so the need is great. Please join us as we share with the less fortunate.

How It Works

Sierra Moms has a volunteer coordiator who interfaces with DHHS and organizes our group’s participation in the event. Our program coordinator lets members know when they can sign up to participate in this event.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you would then let our program coordinator know if you have any preferences, such as how many children you wish to sponsor, their gender and ages (need to give at least a 2 year range from 0 to 18 years). We will do everything we can to accommodate your preferences, if possible.

Our program coordinator will then let you know the name of the child you are sponsoring, as well as their age and gender, and provide a wish-list with 3 gift suggestions from the child. Sponsors are welcomed to provide one or all three gift items from the wish list (new gifts only), or another age-appropriate gift as they choose.

Someone from Sierra Moms will provide a convenient drop-off location (such as their home) where you can drop off your timely wrapped or unwrapped presents, and then one of our volunteers will arrange for all of the gifts to be transported to the social workers in Sacramento, who then in turn deliver the gifts to the children they serve.

Monetary donations are also welcome and are used to sponsor children added to the program at the last minute, or for bike helmets and locks.

If you choose to participate in this event, please make it a priority to follow through and purchase and deliver your gift on-time. We do not want to leave any children disappointed!

How to Get Involved

If this program interests you, watch for announcements, either in the Crier or on the Sierra Moms General Forum (on BigTent) around Late October/Early November, and contact our program coordinator, to let her know you want to participate.

Some Excerpted Thanks We’ve Received

Thank You Letter Received in 2009
Thank You Letter Received in 2009