Foil Painted Moon

Foil Painted Moon
June 14, 2019 m_scully

by Kelly Howell, Contributing Editor


Materials You Need

Black and White Construction Paper
Black, white, silver paint (acrylic or tempera)
Small paint brush
1/2 cup measuring cup
Paper plate or paint palette
Glue stick
Black pen or marker



  1. Trace a circle on the white piece of paper with pen or marker. This will be the moon that your kiddo will paint.
  2. Put black, white and silver paint on a paper plate or paint palette.
  3. Mold a large piece of foil into the 1/2 cup measuring cup and make a handle.
  4. Have your little one dip the foil stamp into the paint. Stamp the paint onto the moon.
  5. Let the moon dry.
  6. Add just white to your paper plate, then have your kiddo use the handle of end of the paint brush and dip it into the white paint. Use the handle to make white dots on the black piece of paper as stars in the night sky.
  7. Let both the stars and moon dry.
  8. Once they are both dry have your child use a glue stick and glue the back of the moon. Stick the moon on the black paper.
  9. Your all done! Hang it proudly on the refrigerator!



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