Frequently Asked Questions about Membership

About Joining Sierra Moms

What is Sierra Moms?

Sierra Moms is a member-led organization for mothers serving the greater Folsom and El Dorado Hills areas. Through nurturing environments, we help women connect with one another to find support in their role as a mother. Our volunteer efforts include service projects, donations, and grants to help meet the needs of our community.

How do I join?

  1. Sign-up online using Big Tent, Sierra Moms’ web-based communications and membership tool. By clicking here, you can enter your contact information to receive an e-mail from Big Tent. Within this e-mail, you can click a link that will direct you to our online enrollment form.  You have the option of paying by credit card or check.  Note that when paying by check, you will have a slight lag in starting your membership since we must receive payment prior to approving your enrollment.
  2. Email us with any questions at gro.s1516166255momar1516166255reis@1516166255ofni1516166255.  We are happy to help answer concerns or provide assistance with Big Tent.

What is the annual cost?

Annual dues for Sierra Moms are $45.  The membership fee is used to offset our operating costs such as member socials, quarterly parties, rental of a P.O. Box, and other expenses.

Sierra Moms is an IRS registered nonprofit organization.  Any money collected by Sierra Moms will be used exclusively for our programs and projects.

What if I can’t afford the membership fee?

It is our goal not to deny anyone membership in Sierra Moms because of financial hardship. If a member cannot afford to pay her dues, she may ask the Director of Membership or the President for special consideration (such as reduced or waived dues, or installment payments). Evidence of financial hardship may be required. Waived dues are decided on an annual basis and must be re-requested each year by the member at the time of renewal.

Sierra Moms Activities

What activities are available?

Through Sierra Moms, you will find a variety of activities designed for you, your children and your family.  We are one of the largest moms groups in the Sacramento area serving women during any stage of motherhood.  

For Children

  • Weekly playgroups for every age.  Playgroups usually meet once a week at parks or member’s homes.  These groups offer an opportunity to meet other moms with children of similar ages.  You will enjoy watching your child’s first friendships develop over time while making long-term connections with other families.
  • The Let’s Explore Group offers fun outings that help children learn about the world around them.  These activities typically happen once per month.

For Moms

Sierra Moms believes making a little “you time” is beneficial to all aspects of motherhood.  We offer different types of activities that meet a variety of interests for our moms.  And, if you don’t see your passion here, we welcome you to start a new group!  Activities for moms include:

  • Moms’ Night Out
  • Networking Group
  • Book Club
  • Movie Night

For the Whole Family

We realize our moms value their family time.  Below are a few examples of how we make connections with our member families.
  • Four amazing parties throughout the year
  • Preschool Expo
  • Discounts to local events, theme parks and businesses
  • Opportunities to serve your community
  • Sunshine meals that provide family dinners during times when a little extra help is needed including a new baby, surgery, or other family crisis.  Up to 8 meals will be delivered by fellow Sierra Moms.

Where do most of your activities take place?

The majority of our membership lives in Folsom or El Dorado Hills.  Since this is a member-led organization, most of our activities are centralized in these areas.  That being said, we have members who live outside of these areas and find Sierra Moms to be a great resource for their family. 

Can I attend an activity to see if I’d like to join?

Please do! Sierra Moms is happy to let you try playgroups and activity groups for a one-month trial period.  Just contact our New Member Correspondent and she will help you find groups that best fit your needs.  The New Member Correspondent can be reached at gro.s1516166255momar1516166255reis@1516166255ofni1516166255. (Note: our members-only facebook discussion group is not available for trial members due to the overhead to manually add/remove members)

Are there volunteer opportunities?

Your participation is key to having a great experience within Sierra Moms.  We ask that all members volunteer with Sierra Moms a minimum of twice a year.  It can be as simple as making a meal for a new mom to helping implement one of our great parties.  Our philosophy is, “if we all do a little, the benefits for all are enormous!”

Our Members

Can working moms join Sierra Moms?
Absolutely! Working moms will benefit greatly from membership in Sierra Moms. Although most of our playgroups typically meet during the day, all the other benefits of membership occur on evenings and weekends. And don’t forget about the advantages of our Big Tent online community.

My kids are older. Is it OK if I join?
Sierra Moms is open to women during any stage of motherhood. Although the majority of playgroups are oriented toward children 6 and younger, Sierra Moms has many activities for the whole family, as well as activities just for moms.

I haven’t given birth yet. Should I wait to join until after I give birth?
We think it’s great that you are already looking into a mom’s group! Joining a group while you are still pregnant provides an excellent chance to make connections before your baby is born and life becomes a bit more challenging.  We encourage you to join during this exciting stage.  

Opportunities to Connect

How will I get connected once I join?
You can attend monthly member socials to learn what’s happening in Sierra Moms and hear special guest speakers or do other activities.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other members and their children.

Activities, groups, events, and discussion forums are at your fingertips through Big Tent, Sierra Moms’ online communications site.  Once you join, you will find a list of subgroups located within the “about” tab in the Sierra Moms section.  By joining these groups you will be connected with their monthly activities and have the ability to RSVP online.  We also encourage your participation in our discussion forums, open to any Sierra Moms member.

Each month you will also receive our newsletter, The Crier, which includes parenting articles, events, and playgroup and activity group listings.