B.T. Collins Park in Folsom

BT Collins is pretty un-assuming from the street. It doesn’t have any shaded parking or even a dedicated parking lot. But it has a great amount of shade and is a tranquil oak-tree filled space once you walk up the small hill to the play structures (though if you forget something in the car and go back for it, the hill will suddenly seem a lot longer than it did the first time up…so check your diaper bag before you leave your car!). There are paved paths to the play structures for strollers. The toddler and big kid play structures are separated by more hillside, and if you keep hiking up the hillside from there you will find two hidden sand-volleyball courts just before the water tower and hiking trails.

Though the park is hilly overall, this park has a lot of space to run around without worrying about kids running in the street, and is surrounded by a lot of natural landscape that is hard to find in the middle of town available for public access (though watch out for rattlesnakes! they are native to Folsom).

Bathrooms: None. Bring a travel potty or plan to go behind a tree.

Drinking Fountains: Yes. The drinking fountains were working when we visited.


P1040622 P1040623

Street Parking only at this park. But plenty of it.

Toddler Play Area

P1040630 P1040629 P1040624

The shade shown in these photos reflects 10am lighting.

Big Kid Play Area

P1040621 P1040620 P1040602 P1040613

P1040603 P1040615

Volleyball/Sand Areas

P1040604 P1040605

There are two sand volleyball courts at the top of the hill. The sand does not look like it gets used much, so there were quite a few weeds and tree droppings in the sand, but the sand was otherwise great quality for playing with sand toys without being in the way of actual volleyball players.

There is a great view from the volleyball area:


Picnic Areas

This park has several picnic tables each with its own personal/family size charcoal bbq. Here are photos of a couple near the volleyball nets, though there are more spread throughout the park.





P1040608 P1040610



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