More Water Play Outings

More Water Play Outings

Beyond Folsom & El Dorado Hills

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Free Spray Grounds & Playgrounds With Water Features

Rancho Cordova

White Rock Neighborhood Splash Park

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10488 White Rock Road, Rancho Cordova

One of the largest free splash parks of it’s kind in the area, making it worth the extra drive. It has a water play climbing structure including child-sized waterslides (children must be 42″ or 46″ tall to use the smaller and larger slide respectively), spray canons, water jets, dump buckets, and the like. Slide use now requires $1 wristband as of 2014, other parts remain free.

Approx 19 min from central Folsom

(Photo Courtesy of Cordova Recreation and Park District)

Stone Creek Park

3625 Spoto Drive Rancho Cordova

Off Zinfandel Dr.


(Photo Courtesy of Cordova Recreation and Park District)


Sunridge Park

4041 Borderlands Drive, Rancho Cordova

This new park has a cement splash pad with sprayers that look like bamboo stalks as well as an in ground sprayer. The bright and colorful new play structures at this park are worth a visit as well.

Photo by Ross Recreation Equipment

Village Green Park

3141 Bridgeway Drive, Rancho Cordova

Between Sunrise and Zinfandel Dr. There is no play structure at this urban park, but it is a nice place to cool off.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

See CRPD park list for more details about Rancho Cordova Splash Parks.

Gold River, Orangevale, Fair Oaks

These areas do not have any splash parks.

Granite Bay, Roseville, & Rocklin

2015 CLOSED DUE TO DROUGHT: All Rocklin, Most Roseville

The Fountains at Roseville


Galleria Blvd, Roseville

This upscale shopping center includes a (free) interactive water feature with fountains that spray vertically over a rubber pad that kids can splash in. May not be worth the drive on it’s own, but might be fun to check out if you’re up in Roseville anyway. Feature is behind Whole Foods and Pet Food Express. “Open late Spring and Summer months. Call Guest Services to confirm”

Approx 27 min from central Folsom

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

Vernon Street Town Square

311 Vernon Street, Roseville

In what was once a concrete courtyard and parking lot in front of City Hall, there is now a water feature that shoots water up like fountains from a concrete pad in this recently opened downtown park.

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Memorial Park

3980 Rocklin Rd, Rocklin

Open 10am – 7pm daily, May 15 – Oct 1.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

Mark White Park

504 6th St, Roseville

This small park with a train theme has a water-play feature.

(Photo by City of Roseville)

Nelson Park

1213 South Bluff Dr, Roseville

Cute little park in a residential neighborhood with a water-play feature, frogs that spray water.

Photo by Elizabeth Mathis

Mahany Park

1545 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Roseville

This large park has a little water table/stream in the play structure area. (note: The Roseville Aquatics Complex is located at this park as well)

Photo by Elizabeth Mathis

Mel Hamel Park

10080 Crocker Ranch Road, Roseville

This park has tropical-themed play structures and a totem-pole mister.

Photo by Elizabeth Mathis

George Goto Park

1851 Oak Crest Drive, Roseville

A fish sculpture provides thirsty kids a drink of water and is a water feature/mister.

(Photo by City of Roseville)

Lone Tree Park


6101 W Oaks Blvd, Rocklin

Sprayground features include: spraying faux fire hydrant, water jets in the pavement, carwash-style misting hoops, horse head water cannons, and triple-headed shower tower.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)


Whitney Park

1801 Whitney Ranch Pkwy, Rocklin

Open 10am – 7pm daily, May 15 – Oct 1.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

Rocklin Park Finder has more details and photos of Rocklin parks.
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Citrus Heights, Antelope, Carmichael, McClellan, North Highlands

Freedom Park


3200 Freedom Park Drive, McClellan

This park is right next to the aerospace museum, and the playground is actually shaped like a rocket-ship. This park also has a space-themed sprayground.

Approx 29 minutes from Central Folsom. In North Highlands area west of Citrus Heights CLOSED for 2015 DUE TO DROUGHT.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)


Sacramento, West Sacramento

Swanston Park


2350 Northrop Ave, Sacramento

This Arden-Arcade area circular sprayground has: a turnstile with 3 dump buckets, 2 water cannons, a central fountain with a circle of jet sprayers, 2 shower tunnels, and a bell-shaped shower. The play area is surrounded by benches, including one shade canopy, and has bathrooms and a shower for rinsing off after.

Approx 26 minutes from central Folsom

(Photo by Kids Busy Book)

Bertha Henschel Park Play Pool

160 45th St, East Sacramento

This East-Sacramento park has a one-foot deep wading pool with a mushroom water-feature suitable for kids ages 7 and under. No admission fee, however, please check the hours/days this play pool is open.

Approx 27 minutes from central Folsom.

(Photo by East Sacramento Preservation Neighborhood Association)

Muir Park


1515 C street, Sacramento

This downtown area park has button operated misters. Kids will enjoy running from mister to mister pressing buttons to turn them on. This park has a sand play area and a ship themed playground with a unique net climber with a trampoline in the middle as well.

Approx 30 minutes from central Folsom.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

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Seely Park


3000 Pope Ave, Sacramento

10a-7p May-Sept. In the Arden-Arcade area. The spray park is on the smaller side, which makes it ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.

Approx 31 minutes from central Folsom.

(Photo by Fulton-El Camino Recreation & Park District)

Mama Marks Play Pool, Sacramento

More Sacramento Play/Wading Pools

Play pools are at Colonial Park, (William) Land Park, Roberston Park, Mama Marks Park & Bertha Henschel Park. Play pools are for children ages 7 and under with parent supervision. No admission fees. See Sacramento Aquatics website for open hours/days.

(Photo by Google Maps)

Jefferson Park

1990 Roma Court, South Natomas

This Natomas area park has misters that look like giant birds.

Approx 33 minutes from central Folsom

(Photo by City of Sacramento Parks & Recreation)

Bridgeway Lakes Community Park


3650 Southport Parkway, West Sacramento

A large sprayground featuring water-dumping buckets, water cannons, water fountains, arches, and jets, rotating crossbar sprayer, and shade canopies.

Approx 37 minutes from central Folsom CLOSED for 2015 DUE TO DROUGHT.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

Shasta Community Park


7407 Shasta Ave, Sacramento

The colorful entry plaza at this southwestern Sacramento park near Cosumnes River College offers interactive cooling water misters. Park playgrounds have themes of Swiss Family Robinson and Treasure Island.

Approx 35 minutes from central Folsom


(Photo by City of Sacramento Parks & Recreation)

Strawberry Manor Park

200 Danville Way, Sacramento

This North Sacramento park has a water-play area with misters that look like snakes.

Approx 36 minutes from central Folsom

(Photo by Google Earth)

Golden Poppy Park

5765 Tres Pieza Drive, Sacramento

This North Natomas area park has misters that look like Orca tails.

Approx 37 minutes from central Folsom

(Photo by Kids Busy Book)

Magnolia Park

251 Greg Thatch Circle, Sacramento

This tropical island themed park in the North Natomas area has misters that look like palm trees.

Approx 37 minutes from central Folsom


(Photo by City of Sacramento Parks & Recreation)

Gardenland Park

310 Bowman Avenue, Sacramento

This six acre South Natomas area park has an interactive water spray feature that jets water out of the ground at different intervals. Children are encouraged to play, walk, run and jump through the water feature.

Approx 36 minutes from central Folsom

Photo Needed!

Valley Oak Park

(North Highlands)

New! Has a water mister feature.

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Elk Grove

Derr-Okamoto Park


9550 Mainline Dr. Elk Grove, CA

This recently built park has an african themed water spray area with animal sculptures such as giraffes and zebras that dump or spray water.


Approx 38 min from central Folsom

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

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Morse Park


5540 Bellaterra Drive, Elk Grove

There is a palm tree that dumps water from its coconuts, fish water guns, and lots of less-intimidating fountains that are great for toddlers.

(it may be worth noting this park also a non-water play structure with a partial shade canopy that looks perfect for smaller toddlers who like to climb and do slides)

Approx 43 minutes from central Folsom.

(Photo by Kids Busy Book)

Wright Park


9370 Sierra River Drive, Elk Grove

This park aimed at the 2-5 crowd has a play structure with tunnel slides between levels of the play structure and adult exercise machines and other unique elements. It also has a splash area.

Approx 33 min from central Folsom. CLOSED for 2015 DUE TO DROUGHT.

(Photo by Jerry D.)

Kunsting Park

10069 Whitelock Parkway, Elk Grove

Open 10am – sunset daily, May 1 – Sept 30. Has sprayers in the ground that spray upward like small fountains.

Approx 40 min from central Folsom CLOSED for 2015 DUE TO DROUGHT.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)


Stephenson Family Park


5511 Dorcey Drive, Elk Grove

This eyptian themed park has a snake-featured sprayground.

Approx 44 min from central Folsom CLOSED for 2015 DUE TO DROUGHT.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

Backer Park

10400 Stathos Drive, Elk Grove

This park has a “small” water-play element.

Approx 42 min from central Folsom. CLOSED for 2015 DUE TO DROUGHT.

(Photo by Sacramento Sidetracks)

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Swimming Pools & Aquatic Centers

Admission fee or membership required


Orangvale Community Center & Pool

6826 Hazel Ave, Orangevale

Features a calm gradual entry pool a large lap swimming section as well. Has one small waterslide. May be a good non memberhip option for little ones intimidated by spray features.

(Photo by Brandi K.)

Rancho Cordova

Admission to Rancho Cordova public pools is only $2/person (any age).

Cordova Aquatic Center

2197 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova

at Hagan Community Park. Water depths on their 3 pools vary from 1 1/2 to 6 feet deep.

*Hagan Community Park may have a parking fee

Photo by Cordova Recreation & Park District


Lincoln Village Pool

3480 Routier Road, Sacramento

Offers public swim hours seasonally during the summer. Has a gradual entry pool with water depths 5 1/2 ft deep, kiddie water slide, open grass areas and a small shade canopy.

Photo by Cordova Recreation & Park District

Rosemont High School Pool

9594 Kiefer Boulevard, Rancho Cordova

Public swim and lap swim hours are available seasonally in the summer.

Photo by Cordova Recreation & Park District

The Northern California Swimstitute

11335B Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova

This year-round indoor pool (warmed to 84 degrees) offers swim instruction, as well as lap swim, water aerobics, and even log rolling.

Photo by the Swimstitute


Citrus Heights

Rusch Park Pool

7801 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights

The pool is large and clean. There is the main lap pool, a roped off is an area for small kids with zero entry and a large fountain. Seperate from both of those is an area with two small diving boards and one high dive. There is lots of shaded seating around the pools.

(Photo by Sunrise Recreation and Park District)

Antelope Aquatic Complex

7990 Palmerson Drive, Antelope

This pool, with cheaper prices than other pools with comperable features, has both big and little waterslides, and a spray feature for kiddies.

Approx 26-35 min from central Folsom (depending on traffic)

(Photo by Sunrise Recreation and Park District)


Roseville Aquatic Center

3051 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd, Roseville

Kids may enjoy the zero-depth recreation pool with beach entry, a 150-foot water-slide, and a children’s interactive water play area.

(Margaret F.)

Mike Shellito Indoor Pool

10210 Fairway Drive, Roseville

This indoor pool a state of the art facility with a retractable roof that includes an 8 lane, 25 yard pool with depths between 3.5 – 8.5 feet. There is an additional 1,500 square foot warm water pool with depths up to 5 feet deep.

(Margaret F.)

Johnson Pool

4th & D Street,l Roseville

This pool facility includes a recreational pool with a small tube water slide, dressing rooms, spectator area, and a small picnic area. This facility operates from the mid June through the beginning of August each year.

Photo by Dan Birlem



Placerville Aquatic Center


3071 Benham St, Placerville

A six-lane 25 yard pool with a diving board that slopes from 3 to 12 feet deep; a shallow splash pool sloping from 24 to 42 inches deep with a twisting waterslide; and a separate, enclosed wading activity pool with an interactive water play structure. Approx 24 min from central Folsom.

Photo by Alicia A.



The city of Sacramento has over a dozen public pools with seasonal recreation swim.

Elk Grove

Wackford Aquatic Complex (9014 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove) Features a zero-depth entry recreation pool with a 146 foot water slide and waterplay features, and an in water playground for children 8 years and under.

Jerry Fox Swim Center (9950 Elk Grove-Florin Rd, Elk Grove) – Located inside Elk Grove Regional Park this swim center has plenty of shade and seasonal recreation swim hours. The swim center is home to a 140 foot waterslide called Clyde’s Plunge. The swimming pool is a 6 lane by 25-yard pool that ranges from 3 to 6 feet in depth.




(these require an admission fee or season pass)

Golfland Sunsplash Waterpark

1893 Taylor Rd, Roseville

This water-park has an adventure island, a wave pool, a lazy river and eight slide towers.

Approx 22 minutes from central Folsom

(Photo by Golfland Sunsplash)

Raging Waters

1600 Exposition Blvd, Sacramento

Features more than 25 exhilarating water attractions, breath-taking slides, a wave pool, lazy river and other fun-filled activities. For the younger kids, there is Treehouse Reef, complete with water toys and slides.

(Photo by Raging Waters)


Water Sports

CSUS Aquatic Center


1901 Hazel Ave, Gold River

The general public can rent kayaks, canoes, and other equipment for use on Lake Natoma. Life jackets must be worn, but are available with rental. No parking fees.

(Photo by Kids Busy Book)

Current Adventures Kayak School

Lotus, CA (classes are at Lake Natoma)

Offers private and group kayak lessons for ages 8+ on Lake Natoma (Folsom). They also have birthday parties, family, and group outings available.

(Photo by Current Adventures Kayak School)

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American River Raft Rentals

11257 S Bridge St, Rancho Cordova

Offers self-guided (class I-II) river rafting trips on the lower American River between Rancho Cordova and Sacramento with return shuttle service.

(Photo by American River Raft Rentals)

River Rat Raft & Bike

4053 Pennsylvania Ave, Fair Oaks

Offers raft rentals for rafts and inflatable kayaks to raft the Lower American River, with return shuttle service.

(Photo by River Rat Raft & Bike)


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