History of Sierra Moms


Sierra Moms launched in 1993 as “Folsom Moms’ Club”—an affiliate of the national MOMS Club organization. In its first few years of operation, the group and the needs of its members grew and changed quickly. The MOMS Club bylaws that the group operated under did not, at that time, allow for the flexibility the group needed. This prompted the Folsom Moms’ Club to vote to secede from the national group and become its own entity, then named Sierra Moms.

From the early 2000s through today, the organization’s mission and purpose has remained consistent, with a focus on support and activities for moms, engaging activities for children, and a commitment to supporting the local community. However, the organization itself has continually grown, changed and adapted to meet the needs of its members. As a member-led organization, the needs and interests of the membership drive the specific programs and activities of the group, ensuring that Sierra Moms stays relevant over time.