Building Your Mom Community

Building Your Mom Community
January 22, 2020 m_scully

By Liz Divelbiss

How in the world is it already the end of January? At this point in the month, we can usually tell which of our New Year’s resolutions are going to stick, and which will be shelved for another day…perhaps when the kids are older…or when life is less hectic…or when we are less tired.

But if building a more solid Mom Community was one of your goals, you definitely haven’t missed your opportunity! You can join Sierra Moms any time of year and jump in to the wonderful activities we offer every week. Whether you’re looking for daytime play dates for your kid(s), moms-only events in the evenings, or family events on the weekends, we have you covered.

And what’s exciting about Sierra Moms is that we’re not limited to only what we currently offer (which is quite a bit, btw). If you’re on the hunt for a special interest group, a specific day or time for a play date, or a break-from-the-norm mom’s outing (axe throwing, anyone?), you can either find it here or create it here.

Sierra Moms’ mission is to help women connect with one another and find support in their role as mothers. We are nearly 200 members strong, ensuring that a range of interests and styles are represented among our membership. As a volunteer-led group, we are always on the look out for moms who really want to get involved and take on leadership positions in areas that interest them. We offer Board of Director positions for those who want to drive the vision of the organization throughout the year, as well as an array of leadership positions for those who want to head up play groups or special interest groups like Mom’s Night Out, Cooking Club, Book Club, and many more.

So if 2020 is your year to jump in and build your Mom Community, we invite you to join us! We host monthly New Member Meet-Ups to create an easy way for you to start meeting other moms and get connected. Visit to learn more or to join! Questions? Email us at today.




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