Easy Homemade Wrapping Paper

Easy Homemade Wrapping Paper
November 5, 2019 m_scully


by Kelly Howell, Contributing Editor

Materials Needed 
Brown Paper Grocery Bags
Black Marker
Dot Paints

The holidays are just around the corner and in our household we love homemade gifts and decorations! So this project is right up our alley. Make wrapping paper from all of those left over paper grocery bags you saved. It’s cute, personal and fun to do!

The Steps

  1. Mom, cut down one side of the bag, then around the bottom of the bag. The bag will lay out like a long sheet of wrapping paper after it’s cut. Make sure to cut off the handles too!
  2. Let your child make dots with dot paints all over the bag or group the dots together.
  3. If you are making the ornament wrapping paper draw a rectangle with a loop on top that at the top of the dot. It’ll look like a bulb you’d hang on a Christmas tree,
  4. If your making a balloon bouquet put black lines with marker down from the bottom of the dots meeting together below the group of dots. Make a bow where they meet.

That’s it! A super easy and fun project to do with your kiddos for the holidays.


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