Five Things (Fall 2019 edition)

Five Things (Fall 2019 edition)
September 27, 2019 m_scully

By Joanne Porter


Fall is my favorite season for numerous reasons: I am obsessed with pumpkin in my pastries, pancakes, and especially pies.  Abel’s acres in Apple Hill, sells a pumpkin apple pie by the slice. When I first saw this item posted for sale on the board, I was highly skeptical if that was going to taste palatable.  But it is amazingly delicious combined this way! Creamy pumpkin flavor with hints of tartness from the apple slices and no weird textures, I promise!  


I wanted to share five things that I love about this fall season with other Sierra Moms.


First thing is Melissa Citanovic’s delicious chili soup. I sampled… really the right way to describe that night is that I scarfed down this magical bowl of soup at the recent Sierra Moms board meeting when I was secretly hoping no one was watching me.  It is so comforting, warming, and filling. Not only did it warm my belly, the soup made me feel.. Loved and cared for. Mel (Melissa) definitely added her own special touches to this soup. She says, “I modified it a bit though… so just play with it.  But this recipe will be good no matter what.  I don’t use jalapeno and I use a bit more chilis.  And I mix half sour cream and half fat free Greek yogurt.  And a lot of salt.”


In fact, the soup was so delicious the recipe was shared among all the Sierra Moms board members.  I couldn’t keep this amazing recipe just to ourselves. If Sierra Moms published its own cookbook, this would be a MUST HAVE! So I am excited to share this with you! Next time you see Mel at a Sierra Mom event, be sure to tell her how much you loved this soup!  Next month I would like to share her garlic aioli recipe in another post.  So please be sure to comment below for other recipes you would love to see. 


Second thing: My latest pair of running shoes from Brooks, they are called Ghost 12.  They are super supportive for my feet after spending my summer in flip flops. They are awesome for apple picking in Apple Hill, or a fall hike in Auburn, or a quick jog around the neighborhood with my double stroller. 


Third: Bearskin.  This is the September Sierra Mom book club selection by Andrea. The book was riveting tale about a man hiding from a cartel and so exciting that I couldn’t put down. I begrudged my husband when he told me to put the book down and instead to put our kids to bed.  I really enjoyed the writing style and the description of the Appalachian mountains. This is probably the most exciting book I have read in 2019.  


Fourth: Brittany Runs a Marathon.  This honest and revealing film made me cry towards the end.  There are so many parts of this book that I can relate to.  One of the really poignant storytelling moments in this movie was how you can find inner strength and grit in yourself and inspire others with something as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.  I have never run the New York marathon but I was there about a decade ago to support and cheer on my friend during her marathon. It is really amazing how many people in New York city will come out on a cold freezing day to spectate throughout all the boroughs.  Which on a side note, the CIM marathon will soon occur in December and that’s always a great one to spectate locally in Folsom and Sacramento.



The weather is finally cooling down and Dinosaur Days are here!  The Sacramento Zoo has dinosaurs on display Sept 21, 2019 to Jan 5, 2020 and  they are even hosting an evening event  SEPTEMBER 27 AND 28 FROM 5:30 TO 8 PM. I just took my two boys and they loved all the dinosaurs and their babies.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you love about this fall season and share them with other Sierra Moms!




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