Weekly playgroups are a huge benefit of Sierra Moms membership. Our playgroups are established by age—from 0 to 5 years old— and new groups are typically formed twice a year as new babies are born.

See below for some frequently asked questions about how playgroups work.

Where do playgroups meet?

Most playgroups are held either at a member’s home or in at a local playground, splash park or other kid-friendly venue. Playgroups generally rotate locations each week depending on availability of hosts or based on weather.

What happens at a playgroup?

Each playgroup is slightly different, but in general moms and their kids get together to play and socialize on a predictable schedule. It is a great opportunity to get to know other moms who have kids of similar age(s).

When are playgroups held?

Although the majority of playgroups meet on weekday mornings, some playgroups meet in the afternoon or on weekends at times that may be more convenient for some parents. If you can’t find a playgroup that fits your schedule, you might consider starting a new playgroup at a more convenient time. Keep in mind most playgroups are fairly flexible, and will not mind if you need to leave early to pick up an older sibling, or arrive late because your child was napping through the first half of the playgroup!


How do new playgroups form?

Anyone who is a member of Sierra Moms can start a new playgroup. Often members choose to start playgroups because they don’t see an existing group with the age range or meeting time that they would like. There’s a good chance there are other moms looking for the same thing. Playgroups are not restricted to only age-based groupings, in the past some playgroups have formed around common interests such as bilingual parenting or discussing the joys and challenges faced by starting a family later in life. Contact the Director of Member Activities to let us know you’re interested in starting a new group, and you’ll be attending your first play date in no time!

What does it take to be a playgroup leader?

Playgroup leaders coordinate when and where the group meets, and communicate that information to the group’s members. The leader does not always have to “host” the playgroup, but is in charge of finding hosts for each week and/or identifying where and when the group will meet. Playgroup leaders are invited to attend Sierra Moms’ Leadership Council events twice a year and are also invited to the annual Volunteer Appreciation Party.