The Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Soccer Shots

The Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Soccer Shots
December 17, 2019 m_scully

By Kristine Tsusaki-Reddick, Director of Community Relations for Sierra Moms

When we first signed my son Evan up for Soccer Shots Sacramento over a year ago, I was expecting him to get extra exercise and maybe learn some basic kicking skills and drills. He was your typical, energetic three year-old that is always moving around and in need of constant physical activity.

Little did I know just how valuable the program would be for us! He’s not only picked up great soccer skills, it’s been an amazing experience for his overall growth and development. I can’t say enough great things about the program. Here’s our top 5 reasons why we love Soccer Shots:

  1. It’s a top-quality, credible training program. The coaches are well-trained and professional. They must complete a program to get certified so that they have the skills, patience and motivation to work with young children (ages 2-8).

  2. They focus on skills development. Evan learns about real-life skills such as teamwork, determination, respect, concentration.  Even at age four now, I’ve seen a boost in his self-esteem and social skills. He must have learned about praise recently, because he’s started saying things like “good job mom” and giving me high-fives!

  1. They have a caring and professional staff. Everyone I’ve come in contact with from the management staff to the coaches are all friendly and helpful. I love that they give us parents a weekly summary of what’s being taught in class. And at the end of each season they give Evan a certificate, group photo, and a nice, thoughtful gift for a job well done.

  2. It’s super convenient for parents too. My husband and I both work full-time and it’s so convenient to have class options that are at my son’s preschool, during the day. It’s also affordable, easy to register online, and there are multiple ways you can communicate with the staff when needed.

  3. My son has a blast and he’s picked up some serious soccer skills! My husband and I are blown away at how good Evan’s gotten.More importantly, he enjoys his class and it puts him in a great mood. He even likes practicing. We set up cones in our backyard and he’s gotten good at dribbling (circles around mommy!) and kicking goals. I can see that he’s gotten stronger and more coordinated. I won’t be surprised if he continue his soccer career for many years to come, thanks to Soccer Shots!









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