Word Tracing worksheet

Word Tracing worksheet
September 24, 2019 m_scully
Travel-themed Word Tracer!
Sierra Moms is happy to bring our readers this educational worksheet courtesy of Education.com. This is just a sample of the early reading activities and resources they have available for young children:

Grab a pencil and practice your handwriting, pencil grasp, and letter recognition with this fun travel word tracer! Please visit Education.com for more early reading activities such as this.

About Education.com:  Education.com aims to empower parents, teachers, and homeschoolers to help their children build essential skills and excel. With over 12 million members, Education.com provides educators of all kinds with high-quality learning resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, digital games, an online guided learning platform, and more.

word tracer_travel_worksheet

answer key:

word tracer_travel_answers




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